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Modular office partitions are available in a variety of materials. These are constructed using panels with outer layers that are light in weight. Hence, it is easy to use them and transfer them from one place to another as per the requirements in offices. The framework of such partitions is generally 50mm thick. These partitions can be coated with a variety of colours to offer a finish that matches the decor of the office. Partitions can be used between cubicles too. While some prefer partitions with blinds, others go for without blinds. Such partitions are quite popular because they are easy and quick to install and replace. The major benefit of using these partitions is that they are quite cost effective as opposed to other means. One of the varieties in partitions is that of glazed ones that are composed of glass. The joints of such partitions are filled up with silicon mastics. Such arrangement offers a frameless appearance. With such partitions in place, it is easy to create some light environment with good air ventilation. Even double glazed partitions are used because they offer good sound insulation. Many office owners prefer offering privacy blinds between partitions. One option is to place the blinds between the glasses and enhance the look with decorative films and company logo. The benefit of partitions is that they are easy to relocate when required. There are various other materials available for creating partitions in office. The type of material chosen depends on the budget of the owners. While some go for glass, others prefer aluminium, glazed materials, wooden, fibre, steel and many others. Generally, the type of material chosen should match with the rest of the decor in the office. It should be such that it blends with the decor, without revealing the installation.
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