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Earlier, sofas were not a part of the office arrangements. Meant for the rest, this piece of furniture was avoided in office set-ups. However, many of the offices now prefer sofas for a number of reasons. The primary benefit of sofa is that it offers instant comfort to the person. With ample of space available, a person of any height, weight or length can fit on the sofa, unlike on a chair. Sofas are now available in a variety of designs, materials, types and colours. With so many options, office owners have considered purchasing the sofa for various places in the offices. While reception is the first thing that comes to mind for installing the sofa, other places are guest rooms, conference rooms and even at other sections in the office. The owner's room generally has a sofa too, meant for the visitors. Employees who have a lot of visitors or clients get sofas installed for accommodating them.

Sofas should always match the decor of the office. If the rest of the office has premium furniture, it is necessary that sofa too has an up-class feeling to it. Generally, people prefer sofas with cushioned seating arrangement. It is easy to shift the sofa from one place to another in the office, without troubling the entire arrangement. Sofas have always remained the centre of attraction of the offices. It is necessary that they are maintained regularly so that they last for a longer duration. It is quite easy to clean the sofa. It just requires some dusting and maintaining. Sofas should be chosen cautiously and wisely. Not only should the material be checked, but also the make of it. It should be able to bear the weight of the person sitting on it. Sofas will remain in fashion for long time.
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